Summer Camp Location Central Wisconsin

Summer Camp / Conference Center - Central Wisconsin

For over 50 years Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center has hosted summer camps, church, educational, and other organizational retreats, meetings and conferences. We offer wonderful accommodations for weddings and other special event celebrations. We are committed to providing a rich and beautiful setting that inspires and supports creativity and discovery for your organization. The Center is a place where you can relax and gain fresh perspectives.

Camping and Retreat Facilities

Established in 1964 on 184 acres of farmland and wooded area, the Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center facility has become a focal point for youth conference camps as well as a site for family celebrations, corporate workshops and seminars. Seven new self-contained cabins, a million-dollar Arrowhead Center containing dining facilities and meeting rooms plus an adjoining swimming pool provide an environment for group activities. A new all-season lodge is designed for small group meetings and provides rooms with baths and a great room with fireplace for meeting space.


The Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center Ropes and Challenge Course provides groups with an experience that promotes cooperation, trust, compassion, understanding, and communication, while also developing confidence and sense of worth of each member of the group. The end result is a team that functions more effectively, enhancing performance, decision making and leadership skills. Mt. Morris utilizes leadership trained and certified by Adventure Based Experiential Educators, Inc. (ABEE).